Our office is focused on the following areas, in which we will also represent you in front of court:

Administrative Law

This area effects all relations between a member of the public area and administrative organs of the state.

Law for Asylum and (Im)migration

The modern description for this area is migration law.

It includes all actions for clients who need help applying for asylum, permanent permission of residence, toleration and naturalization. Additionally, Mr. Langer is also supportive in financial conflicts and questions.

European Community Law

In our everyday life, this area of law is becoming more and more important, simply because lots of regulations tend to be overruled by the European Parliament, which do have an impact on German law as well.

Tenancy Law

Law for landlords and leasers, affecting all aspects and details when it comes to conflicts of existing contracts.

Family Law

Basically, everything around family disputes – mostly applications of divorce and questions around child custody and/or paternity tests.

Traffic Law

All aspects around traffic affairs like accidents, revocation of a driving licence, radar fines and so on.

Private Building Law

Affects disputes in the private sector between house builders, architects, enterprises and subcontractor.