Our work relates back to 1993. Since then Mr. Langer has been residing in Vallendar and been working as a lawyer for administrative law, law of asylum and immigration, law of traffic. Moreover, our office is your personal partner for questions around laws of the European Community, law of loaners as well as private building affaires. Based on his long years of experience, Mr. Langer represents a wide range of clients in front of the court.

We take the necessary time to consult our clients. After a deep analysis of their current situation, we evaluate the next steps in order to achieve the best result.

In many cases, quick and important decicions have to be made in order to influence the situation with a positive outcome.

Very often, people are not aware of the correct jurisdiction of their current legal position in which they are in. This is where our office and the experience of Mr.Langer comes into play. We are fully aware of the fact, that clients offer a their trust to us by giving their case into our hands.

The name of Mr.Langer has been associated with a trust- and respectful dealing with clients since 1993.

We are looking forward to consult and help you.